deep | passionate | uncompromising

American pianist Joshua Rupley (born 1993 in Albuquerque, NM) is an increasingly sought-after soloist, vocal accompanist, chamber musician, and piano teacher. Critics praise his sensitive musicality, creativity, compelling stage presence, and impressive virtuosity. An internationally active concert pianist, he currently lives in Bavaria, Southern Germany.

An extremely interesting and brilliant pianist!

Prof. Dr. Dorian Leljak

President, World Piano Teachers Association

He is a sensitive, thoughtful and passionate musician with a commanding stage presence and a unique, individual artistic voice. His interpretations have a depth and maturity that is rarely heard in musicians at his young age. Olga Kern

Professor, Manhattan School of Music

Joshua Rupley’s playing is distinguished by characteristically powerful expressive qualities, naturalness and a great sense of sound, making every public performance a fascinating moment for the listeners.

Silke-Thora Matthies

Professor, Würzburg University of Music


Joshua Rupley’s repertoire spans from Johann Sebastian Bach to the music of contemporary composers, from sentimental Romanticism to the most brutal Avant-Garde.

  1. Bartók: Im Freien (1926) - I. Mit Trommeln und Pfeifen 1:43

The new Album

The album “YOURS” is completely spontaneous and unrehearsed. A passionate improvisor, Joshua Rupley published all the pieces on this CD unedited, in all their rugged beautiy and firy passion. 100% of the proceeds of this project will be donated to the Jeremia-Werk and finance scholarship for their Herzhaft-School.