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Excellence in Pianism

Hi, I’m Joshua Rupley – a Classically-trained concert pianist from Albuquerque, USA. Music has been my daily bread from the very beginning, and I have devoted my life to giving the most beautiful and memorable piano performances I can. 

But don’t just take my word for it – listen to what audiences and critics have to say. I have listed some reactions below. I am honored to see people moved by my music all over Europe and the USA.

An extremely interesting and brilliant pianist!

Dr. Dorian Leljak

President, World Piano Teachers Association

He is a sensitive, thoughtful and passionate musician with a commanding stage presence and a unique, individual artistic voice. His interpretations have a depth and maturity that is rarely heard in musicians at his young age. 

Olga Kern

Professor, Manhattan School of Music

Joshua Rupley’s playing is characterized by his great expressive capabilities, naturalness and a lofty sense of sound, making every one of his public performances a fascinating moment for the audience.

Silke-Thora Matthies

Professor, Würzburg University of Music

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The Classical piano literature is incredibly deep and rich, and I love to share all genres with my audiences – everything from J. S. Bach to contemporary composers, whether solo, chamber or concerto. Take a look at my repertoire and sample programs to get an idea of my favorites! Or have a listen to my recordings…


I love connecting with my audience and infecting them with my own enthusiasm for the music I play! I regularly get feedback after concerts that my talks make music accessible to listeners who never understood it till then. Especially the music of the turbulent 20th Century is a personal favorite of mine, and it is a genre which often has a bad reputation … until someone explains it and opens up that world to you!

luxury redefined

The power of live music

The industrial revolution changed our world forever. People rushed to purchase factory-made products that were cheaper and had a more consistant quality. A machine-made piece of jewelry looks great every time and is comparably affordable. But nowadays, the concept of luxury is being redifined: handmade products and services feel more personal than the mass-produced things everyone else is wearing.

It’s the same with music in the Information Age: all of us have instant access to multiple flawless recordings of almost every piece of music, all just a click away. 

So why live music? MP3s are convenient, portable, reproducible, and cleaner than any live performance could ever be. They are mass-produced, perfected, artificial. And a bit sterile.

Machine-made jewelry became popular for certain good reasons, but now there is a revived market for artisan craftsmanship. A handmade pair of earrings is one-of-a-kind and has a story. And a concert with a live musician can only be experienced once. It’s an up-close encounter with the artist, the art, and the other listeners. That is 21st-Century luxury.

exceptional Art

Timeless music,

modern approach

I am proudly many-faceted and diverse in my approach to music. Music doesn’t exist in a vacuum: it is born within a historical, political, social, religious and personal context. When I moderate a concert, I touch on all these aspects to immerse my audience in the composer’s world. What makes this music unique? Why did it cause such a stir back then? What frame of reference do we have today, and what should I listen for in the music?

I don’t sacrifice the quality of the music for entertainment, and I will never put on a show that distracts from the music. My highest priority is to put the music in focus, letting it speak for itself. The pieces I choose for my recital programs are so exciting – my job is to discover the thrill in the music, not create a circus act to compensate for my own lack of creativity.

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