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joshua rupley

classical pianist

what I stand for

Art is an encounter between artist and audience. I want to engage my audience, grip them, compel them, inspire them. We don’t go to concerts just to hear music; a concert is an experience. It’s dialogue. It’s a place of connection between composer, artist and audience. It’s a beautiful thing to be together in a room with many other human beings, all listening to an experiencing the same art at the same time.


I spend most of my time in the quiet of my own home, confronted with masterpieces of the piano literature – silent ink on paper. And I wrestle with them for months or years on end, trying to uncover what moved the composer to write down what he did!


So a concert is the culmination of all that work, my chance to share what I’ve discovered with other people. It’s an opportunity to make all the beauty I’ve discovered in that score audible; to share the aspects of that work of art which fascinate me the most – or at least attempt to do so!


That’s why I give my all in every concert. I moderate most of my performances, sharing some of my ideas on the music and giving my audience a frame of reference for what I find exciting.