Gala Dinner

Gala Dinner

What an amazing evening! I am so grateful to my fiancée and dear friends in Friedberg for their generous efforts to organize the Gala Dinner on Saturday. It was such a huge blessing to me. The evening took place in the Jeremia-Werk in Friedberg/Bay. A four-course meal was served: curry and beet bread with orange and garlic butter and a salad as appetizer, then a cauliflower onion soup, followed by a main course of beef saltimbocca and safran risotto. A fantastic French chocolate cake brought the feast to a satisfying conclusion.

I was invited to perform for the 25 guests of honor. My Program:

J. S. Bach: French Suite No. 3 in B minor

L. Godowski: Alt-Wien

John G. Elliott: The Watchman, The Gatekeeper, Travail

As an encore I played the tender and nostalic “Solace, a Mexican Serenade” by Scott Joplin.

The evening was so relaxed and genuinely pleasant. If only all my performances were like this! Thank you once again to all the organizers and helpers, and of course to the guests. We were able to raise over €1,000 for the purchase of my grand piano.